POP UP SHOP "Cloche" at Matsuya Ginza.

Tuesday, 01 December 2015
Cloche opens Pop-up shop from December 02-08 at Matsuya Ginza .

Please come to see colorful, beautiful and " Kawaii " jewelry.
I am looking forward to seeing you !

Designer/Illustrator Megumi Terasaki


"Rings of Cloche"

This paint is the first of my work when I started "Cloche"
Hearts of everyone are displayed as the rings.
Rings of our customers, Rings of craftsmen, Rings of jewels.
And Rings of Cloche's staff.
Appreciation to all creates smiles.
And the smiles become a ring of joy.
The ring becomes bigger and bigger.
We all hold each other's hands, and create the ring.
If one ring is missing, the ring can't be made.
If somebody fails, we help the person.
Because we are a part of the ring.
Wish the ring gets bigger, and brings more smiles to all.


Megu's Photos

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